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Statistically, the most incredible time to sell a home if you want to sell fast is in March, while the ideal time to increase profits is in July. With today’s low interest-rate environment and the continuing coronavirus epidemic, the most significant time of year to sell a home may stretch into the middle of summer.

However, your local home market may be volatile, and the best time to sell is ultimately determined by local market circumstances, buyer demand, and your financial objectives and timetable. We have included some suggestions below to assist you in determining when the ideal time is to sell your house in Los Angeles.

The Best Time of Year To Sell A House

The Best Month To Sell A House

Traditionally, the most significant month to sell a home was May, but that has shifted to March in recent years. In 2019, properties advertised between March 11 and March 18 sold the quickest. Remember that there was an excluded irregular data point from 2020.

When you want to sell your home for more than the asking price, target the week of April 22. And aim to list before September since families begin to settle in for the start of the school year. By October, sellers are facing the poorest weeks of the year for making revenue – properties listed between October 14 and 21 were the least likely to sell over the asking price in 2019.

It’s essential to note that the local market influences the optimum time to sell your home. Among these circumstances are employment growth, mortgage rates, and tax breaks.

The Best Day to List A House

List your property on a Thursday to improve the likelihood of it selling fast and for more money. All other things being equal, homes listed on a Thursday usually sell quicker than any other day of the week. In a market where houses usually sell in seven days, the difference is significant.

Homes listed on a Sunday typically spend eight days longer on the market than those listed on a Thursday. Saturday and Monday are slightly better than Sunday; listing a property on any of those days usually takes seven days longer to sell than listing a home on Thursday.

According to Zillow’s study, Thursday listings are 1.5 percent more likely to sell over their asking price, while properties posted on Saturday or Sunday are 1.3 percent less likely to sell above the list price.

The Best Season To Sell A House

Throughout the years preceding the pandemic-fueled housing bubble, spring was usually the best time of year to put your house for sale. It is the time of year when buyers emerge from their winter slumber and flood the market.

It remains to be seen if 2021 will herald a return to normality in this regard. Seasonality in the housing market is expected to continue, even if seasonal fluctuations are less severe than in the past.


When you can see from the patterns above, people prefer to search for houses as the weather warms up, so preparing your property for sale in the winter months generally makes sense. With tax returns in their wallets, better weather for moving in the forecast, and summer vacation from their children’s schools approaching, it’s easy to understand why spring is often the most popular season to purchase and sell.


Several of the similar reasons buyers search in the spring apply to summer home purchases – warm weather, school breaks, and simply having more hours of sunlight to attend open houses and take home tours. Of again, summer is when most people take holidays, which may explain some of the slowdowns. And, in other areas of the nation, real estate is sluggish during the summer because it is just too hot to shop comfortably.


Numerous buyers looking in the early autumn may be rushing to get situated before the school year begins or before the weather turns nasty. That sense of urgency may be advantageous to sellers. However, many off-season buyers are relocating due to a job transfer, layoff, short sale, or family problem, so that they may be more price sensitive.


While winter is typically the slowest season for house sales if your environment is warm all year, your window for selling may be even more comprehensive in the winter months as snowbirds migrate to the sun.

Other Factors that Affect Selling A House

Sell in peak market conditions

After all, seasonality isn’t the only issue to consider when choosing whether or not to sell your home. It is also critical to examine the current condition of your local home market.

Selling in a buyers market

When the quantity of available homes for sale exceeds the number of individuals seeking to purchase, the market is said to be in a buyers’ market. When inventory is high, sellers may anticipate their property to remain on the market for a more extended period before getting an offer, and you may be forced to sell below the advertised price or make extra concessions to the buyer.

Selling in a seller’s market

There are more prospective house buyers than available homes in a seller’s market. A seller’s market is the best time to sell your property since it will sell faster, and you will be more likely to get several offers and sell for a total price or more.

Selling when mortgage rates drop

Mortgage rates have indeed been meager for the past four years or so. The greater the interest rate, the farther a buyer’s budget must stretch to get the desired property. When interest rates are low, however, first-time buyers are more likely to purchase.


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